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Thank you healthcare workers

Sara Abbott, Resort General Manager



I had an amazing call with a guest on the phone the other day. It really struck me, and it continues to. She was calling to cancel her reservation. Not good news, but I understand. She is a nurse and concerned about brining the virus to the Resort. I thought it was so sweet of her to care about others, rather than just herself. Of course, she cares, she’s a nurse! What should have been a 2-minute conversation turned into 20 minutes of two Mom’s talking about what life is like during a global pandemic.

One of the comments that was made was, “I’m so sick of something that I can’t see, hear or touch running my life.”

Wow…that is powerful. It seems that COVID is taking over everything that we do right now. Being a nurse must be scary. Is it worth risking your health and that of your family for complete strangers? To nurses and other healthcare workers who do it, yes, it is. To those who aren’t, we appreciate it.

My new nurse friend and I got talking about the smile behind the mask. Life behind the mask is tough when you always smile at people. We train our staff to smile at all guests as they walk by. It’s just the right thing to do when you work in customer service. We want our guests to feel special and welcomed. What do you do when your smile is hiding behind a mask? I still smile. It’s almost weird because it just looks like I’m just staring at people. I feel a constant need for that human connection that I did not realize that I needed or craved. She went on to tell me that she finds herself patting patients on the shoulder or winking at them. Everything has changed! I now find myself using the wink now too! Not going to lie, I had to practice because I’m not the greatest winker, but I’m getting better! 😉

To all the healthcare workers out there…hang in there! We appreciate all that you do. If you need a break, we do offer a deal for healthcare workers. Feel free to check it out on our website.

Stay Safe and keep winking,