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Summer Vacation is Here

Sara Abbott, Resort General Manager


My kiddos are officially on summer vacation. Grady (13) ended his 7th grade year with a big group of friends having a little party for one of the girls’ birthday and Emma (5) ended her 4K year with a picnic with all the families from the class. Both really enjoyed their last day.

Grady can babysit Emma, but I’m not sure he is the best babysitter around so I try to organize their week so they aren’t stuck in the house all summer together doing nothing. On Monday, Wednesday & Fridays my Goddaughter, Bralee (14) babysits Emma. They have a great time together playing, doing arts & crafts, baking and riding bikes. On Tuesday Gramps takes the kids. They go on different adventures together out in the woods, fishing or he spoils them with Wal-Mart and McDonalds…he can’t say no to them!

Like most working Mom’s the end of school causes me a bit more anxiety than it does them. I have to make sure that they have the things they need. I need to stock my house with more food than normal. I need to make sure that I have their schedules straight. They have summer school, swimming lessons, bible school, dentist and doctor appointments, t-ball games, overnight trips with friends and everything else in between.

Summer days seem to slip by so fast every year. We find ourselves outside until 9:30 pm every night. Bedtime really doesn’t exist in our house. We just go to bed when we crash. Everyone has tan lines. Some days I don’t think my kids put on normal clothes, they go from pajamas to swimsuits and back to pajamas….and that’s okay!!!

Summer is about fun. It’s about making memories of chasing fireflies up at the cabin. Flying up the zipline at Action City. Swimming all day. Sitting by the fire in the backyard listening to the adventures of the day.

Your kids are only little once. Enjoy every minute.