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Back to School

Sara Abbott, Resort General Manager


pencil on paper with sharpener.

I can't believe that summer is almost over. I can't beleive that my 4 year old daughter is going to start school this year. I can't believe that my 12 year old son is almost as tall as me! And, I can't beleive how hard it is going to be on everyone involved to go back to school. Districts have made tough deiscions between in school vs. virtual. I can't imagine how tough that was for them. There are risks on both sides of virtual and in school. At the end of the day, however you decide to educate your children is your choice.

Our school shopping is officially done. I started super early just because I happened to be at Walmart with both of my kids and the school supply aisles were totally stocked. I lucked out. Usually I wait until the last minute and then I'm chasing around different stores for certain colored folders. Mom Win.

Shopping for school clothes was a blast this year. We hit up a bunch of great deals and walked away with a ton of clothes for the kids. I used to love the feeling of getting my school clothes and picking out the perfect outfit for the first day of school. Seems my kids love to do the same thing!

Before school starts, we always take a mini vacation. We usually go to a pre-season Packer game in Green Bay and then up to Door County or down towards Manitowoc or something like that. It's always a special trip. This year, the pre-season Packer games have been cancelled so I think we are going to head down to Iowa to check out the Field of Dreams and do a little antique shopping. The Metropolis Resort has a really great special for a two night stay that includes your play, jump and swim passes. Check it out...might be a great mini vacation for you and your family!

It's going to be a great school year. It has to be a great year. I am going to do everything in my Mom Power to make sure that it is. My kids deserve the best. Even if it is different than planned I am going to work hard to make sure that they have a great experience.