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Right on Target (9/1819)

If you head just past the pizza counter in Action City and stop near the rock wall, you’ll hear the telltale sound of sharp steel smashing into wood. That’s right: Axe throwing has come to Eau Claire. 

No stranger to cities like Minneapolis or Chicago (and, recently, La Crosse), indoor axe throwing lanes like those now found at Action City allow you channel your inner lumberjack or Viking raider while safely throwing axes at a wooden target at the end of the lane. 

“The idea of bringing axe throwing to Action City started as a joke,” Billy Bagley, my guide to all things axe throwing, explained. “But the more we talked about it, the more we knew we had to make it happen.” Billy and the rest of the crew at Action City spent months planning how to bring axe throwing to the amusement center, 2402 Lorch Ave., and studied with some of the best axe throwers around, some of whom were found in Minneapolis. 

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Axe Throwing comes to Eau Claire 9/10/19

Axe throwing has become a growing trend across the U.S. and has now made its way to the Chippewa Valley. You can now test your axe throwing skills at Action City at Metropolis Resort.

Benny Anderson, the general manager at the resort spoke with us on Hello Wisconsin about the newest attraction at Action City. The newest attraction at Action City is filling the space where the batting cages used to be at the resort. There are some special rules to make sure to follow in order to keep everyone safe during axe throwing. You have to be 16 years old to throw or 12 years old in order to throw with an adult. You must wear closed-toed shoes and will have a coach to show you the ropes.

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Ag Chat (6/19/19)

Some World Trade organization members are critical of the Trump Administration's recent announcement of increased help for some U.S. farmers. The European Union, China, and five other World Trade Organization members are saying the $16.8 billion in assistance to farmers announced recently by U.S. Department officials might violate international trade rules. A document on the WTO Web site says the countries say the assistance program - designed to help farmers affected by U.S. tariff battles with China and some other nations could exceed America's WTO subsidy commitments and unfairly influence American farmers' planting decisions. The United States hasn't notified the WTO about its payments to farmers and could respond to the complaints during world agriculture meetings later next week in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Guernsey cattle enthusiasts from across the country are gathering in Eau Claire this week. The American Guernsey Association National Convention opens today at the Metropolis Resort in Eau Claire and runs through Sunday. The convention will include some area farm tours for producers who maintain Guernsey dairy cattle, along with national awards and meetings. Wisconsin agriculture secretary-designee Brad Pfaff is encouraging Wisconsin farmers to take advantage of USDA resources designed to help dairy and crop farmers facing low prices and late planting. The sign-up period started Monday for the new federal Dairy Margin Coverage program. Pfaff said crop farmers also need to remember deadlines for reporting failed or prevented planting if they plan to claim coverage under federal insurance programs.

The nation's milk production went down in May, with the 19 billion pounds of milk representing a four-tenths of a percent decrease compared with the May production in 2018. Decreased milk production in the Midwest, Southeast, and parts of the Southwest offset increases on the West Coast and in Texas.

Easter Egg Float Takes over Chaos Waterpark 4/21/19

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- The Easter weekend means it's time to go searching for some eggs and for those staying at Metropolis Resort over the weekend it was no exception.  There were thousands of eggs spread out around Action City and Chaos Water Park. The activities were open to all ages to jump in the water, grab some floating eggs and win some prizes.

And new this year, there were even eggs to find in the new foam cannon bubble area of the water park.

“It's one of those things that a lot of times families want to do something special they want to get out of the house and go out, it's a beautiful day so spending some time on the mini-golf course or a lot of times families are staying at the hotel because there isn't enough room at grandma and grandpas house so they can do this quick, burn off some energy and then go have Easter dinner,” said Bill Bandli, the Action City general manager.

Metropolis Resort had other Easter egg hunts based on the age of the kids, they could win everything from candy to larger prizes from the resort.

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Families Celebrate Kids with Differences at Action City 3/24/19

Eau Claire (WQOW) — Differing abilities didn’t stop dozens of kids from having plenty of fun at Action City on Sunday.

“It’s just a fun day for us to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day and say thank you,” said Heather Pieper, a board member of Down Syndrome Association – Chippewa Valley.

World Down Syndrome Day is March 21, but on Sunday, those involved in the Chippewa Valley chapter of the Down Syndrome Association celebrated together at Action City in Eau Claire. Pieper told News 18 the fun was all about the families involved with the association.

“All the help they do for us, for our community, for our loved ones with disabilities, with down syndrome,” said Pieper. “It’s just a fun-filled day, it’s a way for us to give back, and just celebrating the day with everyone.”

Pieper also said representation of Down Syndrome is important, and the kids the association helps are just like any other kid.

“Show the community we have a lot of families with Down Syndrome in our area,” said Pieper. “We like to jump at the trampoline park, we like to go play at the water park, we got go-carts going, kids are able to enjoy a ride on them, which a lot of families don’t know that kids with disabilities can do that, so it’s a fun day for everyone.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Chippewa Valley Down Syndrome Association, or you’d like to get involved, click here.

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WEAU 1/30/19


EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- The bitter cold temperatures are bringing a unique set of challenges to a just about everyone, including metropolis resort who has had some issues with the cold temps but they have still been staying busy during the cold snap. "After 2 days of being cooped up and not able to even enjoy this snow yet, it's just a place to let them get rid of some of this energy and run around and they got friends here,” said Aaron Walczak, from Eau Claire.

There have been three straight days of local schools being cancelled due to snow and frigid temperatures. "I'm also a teacher and I need to enjoy these snow days too,” Walczak added.

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The cold temperatures are forcing the every one of all ages to stay indoors all week so far. “We're getting a little stir crazy and have some cabin fever happening in our house,” said Shyre Mann, who brought her daughter to Action City on Wednesday. “We thought we would brave the cold temperatures and come on over.”

Everything from jumping on the trampoline and arcade games were being played by those of all ages. "Jump on the playground, jump in the pit and play some games,” said 8-year-old Madelin Anderson.

They were playing some games and even on this very cold day, enjoying some ice cream. "We've been selling shakes, blizzards, smoothies and lots of different ice cream treats,” said Sadie Patko, an employee at Action City.

But even though it was all fun and games at Action City, the water park at Metropolis was closed due to frigid temperatures. "It froze the heater that quickly that by the time we caught all of that to get it up and running, it's really hard to have a tech come down to look at it,” said Resort General Manager, Benny Anderson.

The water park will be closed until Friday at 4 p.m. but Action City will stay open for anyone who needs a warm place to go for the rest of the week. There is no admission to enter the building but the regular rates still apply for all of the activities. “We see a lot of those things where you aren't planning for it but your heat goes out today and you have no option,” Anderson said. “So we say come on down, you don't have to pay, you don't have to get a pizza, you don't have to do any of that stuff, just sit here and stay warm and wait till you can get a solution figured out."

Leader Telegram 12/14/18

He lost a pizza-eating challenge but landed a song in a national ad campaign


The right delivery

His jingle-writing break came last year when he and a buddy were at the Metropolis Resort in Eau Claire with their families and they saw that the resort restaurant offered a “Gorilla Pizza Challenge.” If the two of them could eat a 30-inch, 8-pound pizza in one hour, they would get the pizza for free, plus a T-shirt and a mention on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

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WEAU 12/2/18

Tinsel and Tidings supports children battling cancer

Tinsel & Tidings (12/2/18)

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- A Christmas celebration for a cause took place Sunday at the metropolis resort in Eau Claire.

The first ever Tinsel and Tidings event had cookie decorating, ornament making and a decorated Christmas tree raffle - all raising funds for Mighty Maddy's Mission.

The organization provides children battling cancer with birthday parties in the hospital, presents on treatment days and orientation baskets for families after their child is diagnosed.

It's all in honor of Madelyn Odegard who lost her fight with cancer in August 2017.

“To turn something so tragic and so horrible as losing a child into something that is so supportive of so many, it’s just inspiring,” said Benny Anderson, board member.

Mighty Maddy's Mission plans to hold the tinsel and tidings event again next year after a successful first year of raising more than $2,500 and collecting more than 150 toys.

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WEAU 11/6/18

By  | 

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU)— The Unmet Needs campaign is underway at local Burger King restaurants. 
News Release:
For 12 years, Burger King in Eau Claire has rallied efforts from its customers, other Burger King Franchises, and local businesses in support of the VFW Foundation’s Unmet Needs Program. In this time, over $5,000,000 has been donated to offer assistance to Veterans, service members and military families. Each year, Burger King in Eau Claire has sponsored an effective campaign which offers financial assistance through this worthwhile program. 

From November 1st until December 7th, local Burger King Customers are asked to donate $1, $5, or whatever they can afford. Contributors receive a FREE food coupon which varies each week, and on weekends, a special pass to Metropolis Resort’s Chaos Water Park or Action City. 

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WEAU 10/25/18

5 P.M. INTERVIEW: Hope in the Valley

By  | 

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU)— Hope in the Valley is an event to bring awareness and funds to the fight against cancer. 
All funds raised support the American Cancer Society and all cancers.

A November 8 Evening of Celebration at Florian Gardens is sold out, but encouraging women of all ages to come for the Primp, Pamper and Prevent event on Saturday, Nov. 3 from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. at Metropolis Resort and Conference Center at 5150 Fairview Drive, Eau Claire.

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WEAU 6/28/18

5 P.M. INTERVIEW: Kyle Keith REEL Fishing Memorial

FIVE INTERVIEW: Kyle Keith Fishing Memorial (6/28/18)
By  | 

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU)— A family fun event and fundraiser is June 30 in memory of Kyle Keith to benefit the Kyle Keith REEL Fishing Memorial.
The event is Saturday, June 30 at Dunkin Donuts at 2836 N. Clairemont Avenue in Eau Claire.
It runs from 2:00-5:00 p.m.
Activities by Metropolis Resort, prizes, silent auction, bounce house, music, donut decorating and more.

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Volume One 5/8/18

Water safetywith a message

family memorializes man who lost his life in boating accident

Kristan Motszko

May is National Water Safety Month and National Safe Boating Week is celebrated May 19-25. Until a couple years ago, these were two campaigns that I was hardly aware of, but all that changed after my brother, Kyle Keith, was involved in a tragic boating accident.

On April 13, 2016, Kyle went fishing with one of his best friends at Dells Pond in Eau Claire. It was a beautiful evening, but it had a tragic ending. They didn’t know it, but the boat they were fishing in had been altered by the previous owners, making it less buoyant and unsafe. Kyle always followed all the boating safety rules and laws, and they had their life jackets and throwables with them in the boat. Unfortunately when a gust of wind came up throwing water into the boat, there wasn’t time to grab anything, the boat sank, and Kyle passed away after enjoying his favorite activity that evening.

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Volume One 4/18/18

Three Times the Fun: Go-karting, pizza eating, and dodgeballing for a reason

Haley Wright

The Third Annual Float, Fly, Pie Triathlon to benefit Family Promise of the Chippewa Valley/The Beacon House will take place April 26 at Action City in Eau Claire. Teams of four will compete for victory (and prizes) at each leg and overall.

The “Float” leg has teams jumping on trampolines for a single elimination dodgeball tournament. During the “Fly” leg, competitors will show off their driving skills around the go-kart track, and the “Pie” leg has teams competitively eating pizza without the use of their hands. Family Promise of the Chippewa Valley/The Beacon House is an organization that “provides services to families with children that are homeless including shelter at the Beacon House, transitional housing, case management, rental assistance and a means to end homelessness,” according to Executive Director Kelly Christianson.

FPCV/Beacon House is unique among homeless shelters in the Chippewa Valley because the organization serves families with children and pregnant women exclusively. Christianson said those attending the event can expect lots of fun and laughter, team camaraderie, competition … and pizza. It’s all for a good cause, as proceeds go toward operating programs that help families end homelessness. The cost to participate is $400 for a team of four, and registration is available on site or in advance at Teams of all kinds are welcome to participate, and individual donations in any amount are welcome as well. 
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WEAU 4/17/18

Family celebration held for kids battling cancer

By  | 

 Fighting cancer is a heavy burden for anyone but especially for a child. A local organization is easing that burden with a special event.

Joshua's Camp hosted a celebration for families of local kids battling cancer. The event was held at The Metropolis Resort in Eau Claire. The pirate and princess themed party included dinner, costumes, games, and a DJ.

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WEAU 3/8/18

NOON INTERVIEW: Painting for Paws

By  | 

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU)— The Paint Shack presents Painting for Paws for the Eau Claire County Humane Association.
It's Wednesday, March 14 from 6-8 p.m. at the Metropolis Resort and Conference Center in Eau Claire.
$40 registration required and includes a 16 X 20 painting and supplies, as well as entry into door prize drawings.
For more information, call ECCHA 715-839-4747

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F2FEC 3/18

Metropolis Resort Our Way

Anything for a friend

Our General Manager, Benny Anderson, was a featured guest speaker at F2FEC in March 2018.

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WEAU 9/23/17

2nd annual Joshua’s Angels Motorcycle Run and Car Show


 Motorcyclists hit the road and car enthusiasts showed off their rides for a special fundraiser this afternoon.

The 2nd annual Joshua’s Angels Motorcycle Run and Car Show kicked off at Morrie's Chippewa Valley Mazda today. The event benefits Joshua’s camp, a local camp for families with children going through cancer treatment. Event organizers say it’s a great way to raise money for a cause right here in the Chippewa Valley.

"This is a big fundraiser that we put together for them, a lot of this goes so that camp can be free for these families that come out and do it,” says Cooper of 92.9 the X. “And the more money we raise, the more families that can attend these camps that happen throughout the year at Metropolis resort."

Organizers say the event saw growth from its first year and they look forward to hosting the event in the future.

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WEAU 9/5/17

Chaos Water Park in Eau Claire closed until October for renovations


EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Chaos Water Park inside the Metropolis Resort in Eau Claire is closed until October 18th for renovations.

Renovations include replacing the kiddie area with a new aquatic playground with three kiddie slides and a dump bucket.

The new kiddie area will also have splash features and a new staircase to slide tower.

Other renovations include paint touch-ups, repainting of floors, new basketball hoops in the activity pool, new showers in changing rooms, and a new front desk area.

The general manager said crews will move as quickly as they can with the projects.

"This the first time we really get to add something new and really do something cool with it, we are very excited about that, we've seen good results from the trampoline park and from outdoor activities it was time to come visit chaos and re-do it a little bit," said Benny Anderson.

Anderson said the price tag for all the renovations is about $1 million.

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WEAU 7/31/17

TODAY INTERVIEW: National Night Out

By  | 

 National Night Out is August 1 at Owen Park in Eau Claire.

National Night Out is a community event that brings citizens together to get to know our neighbors and local police while celebrating the united stand that we take as partners against crime and disorder in our community. Join us for free music, food, carnival games, camaraderie and fun.

Major Event Sponsor:

Metropolis Resort

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WEAU 7/28/17

Surprise parade held for kids diagnosed with cancer and their families

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU)- There was quite a bit of traffic on the south side of Eau Claire, Wisconsin Thursday night, as sort of a pop-up parade gathered to honor kids diagnosed with cancer and their families.

“We’re calling a celebration of life and we want to have the grandest party we have for all of our families because they’re so cool,” said Kathy Finney, the director for Joshua’s Camp in Eau Claire.

Organizers, like Benny Anderson, the general manager at Metropolis Resort, said it was only six days of planning; a tight timeline that drew in 110 floats to parade down the Metropolis parking lot.

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WEAU 7/18/16

Action City reveals new feature attraction


EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- A local family fun center is revealing its new feature attraction.

Action City announced it will put in a 20,000 foot trampoline park. It will be a part of Action City's 30,000 foot expansion that will be done in two phases.

The first phase will be an outdoor addition with motorized zip-lines and a much larger go kart road course.

Phase two will be an indoor expansion and will include a trampoline park and a "ninja warrior-like" obstacle area which is now scheduled to open in the middle of December.

“We wanted to do something big but we wanted to make sure we picked the right attraction for us. We had the opportunity to build it a little faster and open it in the middle of December of this year as opposed to what we told everybody for September of next year,” said Benny Anderson, resort general manager.

After the expansions are complete, Action City's facilities will be 90,000 square feet. Action City says it hasn't had a major expansion in about 10 years

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Tourism, Attractions & Parks 7/6/17

Action City Family Fun Center: Jumping on a Growing Trend

July 6, 2017

By June Allan Corrigan

It’s a really hopping scene at Action City Family Fun Center in Eau Claire, Wis., – in more ways than one. The popular fun zone and key component of the Metropolis Resort and Conference Center has always been a magnet for families and kids wanting to play arcade games, ride go-karts or bumper cars, scale the climbing wall, play mini golf or mini bowling and ever so much more. The variety of things to do simply boggles the mind! However, never one to rest on its laurels, in recent years Action City had been keeping its eye on a growing trend in family amusement centers. At the close of 2016 after much research, it finally jumped on the bandwagon. In December, the facility added a Trampoline Park and the upsurge in business has exceeded all expectations.

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Visit Eau Claire Blog 5/16/17

Posted on May 16, 2017 at 1:00PM

Author: Natalie Rosenkranz

Visit Eau Claire blogger

Have you been to Chaos Water Park?  If you haven’t, it’s time to change that!  

Chaos Water Park is part of the Metropolis Resort & Conference Center (i.e. the home of EC’s new trampoline park), and some consider it to be among the best indoor water parks in Wisconsin.  

If that statement isn’t enough to convince you, here are four reasons you should add Chaos Water Park to your Eau Claire Bucket List:

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WEAU 5/5/17

Up...Up... & Away! Eau Claire welcomes new outdoor attractions

By  | 

It was just back in December that Action City Family Fun Center in Eau Claire completed its newest trampoline park. Now two outdoor attractions are turning the heads of adventure seekers in the Chippewa Valley.

A new go-kart course and zip-line ride is welcoming kids and adults of all ages and construction are complete.

Hello Wisconsin got an exclusive look before opening day WEAU’s Courtney Everett talked with Benny Anderson, General Manager of Metropolis Resort to learn about more about the project and how it will help tourism.

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WEAU 3/31/17

"Night For The Fight" held for cancer awareness

By  | 

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- The fight against cancer was front and center at an area event Friday night.

Nearly a dozen bands and performers took the stage at the Metropolis Resort in Eau Claire for the inaugural “Night For The Fight” event.

Organizers say the performers received votes during the night and the winning band is set to receive a cash prize which will be donated in the fight against cancer. The winner will also be given the opportunity to play for a festival event.

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Visit Eau Claire Blog 2/1/17

4 Reasons to check out Action City's new Trampoline Park
Posted on February 1, 2017 at 3:00PM


Visit Eau Claire blogger

Action City’s 30,000 sq. ft. trampoline park is officially OPEN!

While many of us in Eau Claire are familiar with Action City, the trampoline park that just opened there is a gift to the locals just as much as it is to out-of-towners.  If you’re not familiar with Action City, here’s the basic rundown:

Action City is home to the Midwest’s largest indoors go-kart track in addition to countless other attractions such as laser tag and bowling (just to name a few).  Beyond this, it’s a part of the Metropolis Resort and Conference Center, which also houses Chaos Water Park and the Metropolis Hotel.  The trampoline park is the newest addition to Action City, and it already has kids (ok, yes…and adults) throughout the Chippewa Valley jumping for joy. 

The grand opening for the trampoline park was Saturday, December 17, and there were people all of ages there to check things out. Incase you haven’t yet, here are four reasons you should go to Action City’s new trampoline park

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WEAU 1/19/17

Action City receives Paragon Award for economic development

By  | 

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- The 2016 Winner of the Paragon Economic Impact Award is unveiled.

Action City received the award Thursday at their facility in Eau Claire.

The Paragon Award is given every year to a local business which is a model of excellence in economic development of the Eau Claire area.

Organizers say Action City won because of the economic impact, due to expanding their existing facility, increasing the overall tax base, and creating new jobs.

"We have had so much support not just from the community, but our business partners, even the people we met through the construction, families of the owners and most importantly our staff," explains Resort General Manager Benny Anderson.

Every year, 350,000 people visit Action City.

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Leader Telegram 12/16/16

New trampoline park adds extra oomph to Action City


Excited chatter and squeals of delight filled the room Thursday as kids and kids at heart bounced and climbed their way around Action City’s newly added trampoline park. 

The 30,000 square foot trampoline park — officially opening on Saturday — features a variety of activities, including an open jump court, two dodgeball courts, four basketball courts, four air bag stunt jumps, jousting, a Ninja Warrior obstacle course and more. 

Action City friends and family were able to check out the expansion Thursday before the official opening. 

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WEAU 12/15/16

Trampoline park prepares to open Dec. 17

By  | 

With the holidays here, kids of all ages will be jumping for joy once Santa delivers all his Christmas toys. But here in the Chippewa Valley, there's another reason to be jumping with excitement!

WEAU’s Courtney Everett was live in Eau Claire with a firsthand look at a new trampoline park with Benny Anderson, Resort Manager of the Metropolis Resort.

The Metropolis Resort website says, "We are Expanding...

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Leader Telegram 05/14/16

Action City plans expansion in 2017

    • Action City, an indoor/‚Äčoutdoor amusement park on Eau Claire’s south side, is planning a major expansion next year, according to a news release.
    • A motorized zipline suspended up to 120 feet in the air will be installed in summer 2017 over the outdoor miniature golf course. At the same time, the existing oval go-kart track will be replaced with a new course accompanied by a new fleet of go-karts.
    • An indoor expansion of 35,000 square feet will include the installation of a trampoline park with obstacles inspired by the TV show “Ninja Warrior.”
    • Action City’s current 55,000-square-foot facilities will be increased to 90,000 square feet when the expansion is complete, the news release stated.
    • The business already is in the process of obtaining necessary permits for the new features.  Action City, 5150 Fairview Drive, is owned by Shirley and Tom Hahn. The amusement center is attached to the Metropolis Resort hotel and Chaos Water Park.
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Tourism Attractions & Parks 1/4/16

Waterpark Trends
Keeping Guests Safe and Entertained

January 4, 2016By Jessica Leigh Brown

Trends within the waterpark industry that include offering additional entertainment options are playing out at parks across the country, while enhanced safety measures remain a top priority.

Part of Metropolis Resort in Eu Claire, Wis., Chaos Water Park is a 35,000-square-foot indoor park containing several four-story slides, a lazy river and a splash area. “We also have a family entertainment center called Action City, which is 55,000 square feet with indoor go-karts, batting cages and video games,” said General Manager Benny Anderson. “They’re all under one roof, with the hotel in the middle.” The resort welcomes about 250,000 guests each year.

In the realm of safety, Anderson said the biggest trend he’s noticed is increased communication between local pools about new methods of safety training and rescue techniques. “There was a fairly large safety scare this year at a local public pool, so we’ve seen a lot more visits from our health department,” said Anderson. “We’re working together to devise new and improved safety plans.”

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Christy J Photography 10/23/15


It was the most beautiful day for a fall Metropolis Resort Eau Claire weddings and that’s exactly what Nicole & Matthew had!  You might remember these two from the blog from just about a year ago from their engagement session.  It was a drastically different day from their rainy engagement session – which I was so elated for!  For their engagement session we stood out in the rain for over an hour and well, we knew that wasn’t what the wish was for the wedding day.  Instead we got a breezy fall day with lots of beautiful sunshine!

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WEAU 1/23/15

Legacy of Eau Claire man lives on through Joshua's Camp

By  | 

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Family and friends are sharing memories of an Eau Claire man who left a life-changing legacy. John Finney died last Saturday. He was 75. His funeral was scheduled for Friday. Finney is best known for starting Joshua's Camp.

“He lets kids forget they have cancer for a little while and their families to enjoy being a family again,” said Benny Anderson of Metropolis Resort.  Anderson serves on Joshua’s Camp Executive Advisory Board. The resort is also where the camp unfolds.

“John spent his entire career as an audiologist helping people hear, but he spent his entire retirement helping people see the world,” said Anderson.

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Tina Vega 7/14/14

The entire hotel has a cool, modern vibe which I love.

And our room had a cuuuute little table, mini refrigerator, and microwave oven.  Comfortable, clean, and spacious.  The hotel itself is attached to both Chaos Waterpark and Action City.  The waterpark has some killer slides and a lazy river.  Our boys never even made it over there, despite the free admission included with our hotel room.  Why?  Because Action City is apparently where the action is at when you’re a teenage boy.

Action City has something to please everyone:  arcade, laser tag, rock climbing wall, DAIRY QUEEN, miniature golf, mini bowling, go-kart racing & more!

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WEAU 5/17/13

Safety patrol students rewarded with fun day at Action City


EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Area students who strive to keep their classmates safe were honored Friday during the Safety Patrol picnic.

The annual ceremony brought more than 600 safety patrollers to Action City, giving them a chance to play games, eat food and have fun as a reward for their hard work.

“Instead of bringing 17 kids down to the dells rewarding just the top patrollers, they wanted to reward all of the patrollers that came down here,” said general manager of Metropolis Resort, Benny Anderson.

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WEAU 05/04/13

Synthetic ice being tried out at Action City

By  | 

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- It's time to put on your skates and get on the ice. It may be spring but Action City at Metropolis Resort in Eau Claire is trying out synthetic ice which is good year-round.

The synthetic ice is from Spain and from Saturday through Tuesday, it’s free to the public to try out at Action City.

You’re asked to donate canned food if you do go and skate.

Action City at Metropolis Resort wants input from skaters with hopes of buying a large sheet of the plastic ice for a year-round skating rink.

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WEAU 2/27/13

Junior Achievement puts on Hospitality and Tourism Day


(WEAU) - More than a hundred high school students around the area got to learn about a career in the tourism industry Wednesday.

It was Junior Achievement's 3rd Annual Hospitality and Tourism Day, held at Metropolis Resort in Eau Claire. The students were able to learn from business professionals about what it takes to succeed in those industries, and where to find jobs.

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WEAU 11/14/12

Sacred Heart hosts bullying prevention event


(WEAU) - A local hospital tackled the issue of bullying Tuesday night in Eau Claire.

Sacred Heart Hospital's Behavioral Health Clinic hosted a free bullying prevention event at the Metropolis Resort. It offered information, guidance and motivation for kids who are affected by bullying and their families.

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WEAU 2/20/11

Dozens stranded after 32 car pile-up on I-94

By  | 

With many cars totaled in the pile-up today, drivers who are now stranded here in Eau Claire say they hope people will stay off the roads. But, they're trying to figure out how to get back on them quickly.

The people who were waiting for word on their cars say the Metropolis Resort has been helpful Sunday with food, drink, and a temporary place to wait. But, the hotel was full Sunday night and people had to find other places to stay.

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