Sports and a Job

Can you handle it?

Competing in a high school sport is a huge commitment to make. To add a job on top of your school week, your homework, and your sport is crazy to even think about. Although it seems like you would never be able to manage that kind of schedule and still have some sort of life outside of your commitments, it is very possible and fairly easy with the correct planning.

In the last two years of my high school term, I managed to play football and compete at the varsity level, work at Action City around 18-25 hours a week, and maintain a grade point average of 3.65/ 4.0. Without correct planning, there is no doubt I would have crashed and burned. I am a firm believer in the idealism of you set yourself up for failure or success, but reaching out to others can really help you. Due to Action City’s very flexible scheduling and time off system I was easily able to get by. Communication was everything for me in high school. Whether it was communicating with my boss what hours worked for me, or coordinating with my coach which days I would need to request off, and just making sure everyone was aware of my schedule. Due to the employee base at Action City getting the time off that you need is very easy if you request off within the designated time frame.

For me, being a high school athlete who was looking for a great high school job in which I could not only be a part of a team on and off the field, but also make some money for college and still have a fun life outside of my commitments, Action City was the perfect choice for me. By utilizing the tools available to me, communicating, and planning, I was able to have a very successful high school career in academics, sports, and at work. Believe it or not, outside of the commitments I made in high school, I was still able to find tons of time for friends, family, and myself. Through competing in a high school sport, and maintaining a part-time job, I couldn’t feel more prepared for my future. 

Written by T. Lee