Work at The Metropolis Resort in Eau Claire

"You don't have to be crazy to work here, we'll train you!"

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    Who We Are

    Metropolis Resort and what it offers all started with Action City. First built in 2005, Action City paved the way for what has now become a center for all family fun. Since then, we have expanded adding a hotel, indoor water park, and trampoline park. In preparation for our most recent expansion, 50 new employees were hired in late 2016. Since the start of the year, we’ve grown from 270 to 350 employees.

    With more fun in the works, Metropolis Resort has no plans of slowing down.


    What We're Looking For

    We expect every team member to be flexible and willing to take on new challenges. We’re looking for masters of multi-tasking and quick improvisation.  You’ll need to be able to function and enjoy your day in a busy setting, while also being productive during the days that have a more moderate pace.

    A business like this can’t successfully sell fun without each team member believing in what we sell. So, we all like to make sure we're having fun as well!


    The Metropolis Team Experience 

    We strive to make sure that not only are our guests receiving an unforgettable experience, but that our employees are too. People excel when they enjoy both their work and the atmosphere it takes place in. So, at Metropolis Resort we take care of our team. Flexible hours are available to accommodate any life style and we have lively celebrations and awards for individual and team accomplishments.