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This is What is Important

Sara Abbott, Resort General Manager


Yellow daffodils

Today I want to take a moment to take a deep breath. Big inhale… big exhale… blow it all out. There is too much unknown, too much fear and not enough fun. At the Metropolis Resort, we do fun! To be honest, I not sure I’ve been the most fun Mom lately. I’ve been busy, I’ve been stressed, I’ve had to make decisions that I didn’t want to, and it shows. I try so hard not to bring the stress home to my family, but it’s tough.

Yesterday after cleaning hotel rooms, I snuck out of work early because there weren’t too many to clean. It was 50 degrees and sunny outside. I walked in the door to find my kids playing Xbox (Grady) and watching Frozen 2…again (Emma). I mean I love Olaf as much as the next Mom, but man I need some variety.

I made the kids come outside with me. Grady, who is in 6th grade and sad that his Mom won’t let him go to the basketball courts with his friends was not interested in what I had to offer outside, but he went reluctantly. Emma was thrilled, but she wanted to make sure that Minnie Mouse and her friends could come along. That girl loaded up her grocery cart with her friends and out they came.

It was a perfect afternoon. Grady dug out the belt sander that Gramps got him for Christmas. I have no idea what he was sanding, but the garage had sawdust flying and a boy with a huge smile on his face. Old country music was blaring out the speakers and Emma was dancing in the driveway with her giant sunflower sunglasses. I stopped for a moment and took a deep breath. THIS IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT.

I started digging in the dirt and cleaning out my flower beds. The spring bulbs are peeking through all over my yard. This is my favorite season. I love the fresh smells. I love the cold dirt and wet grass. It all feels like a clean slate. Get outside, enjoy it with your kids. Remember, they are only little once.

Good things will be coming our way. Let’s focus on that. The good. The fun. The important.

Stay Safe,