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Thank you to our Staff!

Sara Abbott, Resort General Manager


Thank you for a great Spring Break. As we are heading out of the Spring Break Season and into May it makes me think back about how much fun it was this year. Every year Spring Break is our favorite time. Our guests are super excited to get out and enjoy their time off from work and school. Our staff enjoys working because their shifts go fast, they get to work lots of hours and make money. This year was no different.

As the General Manager I often get asked what I actually do here. I always respond with air quotes and say that I “Generally Manage things.” No one really knows what that means and sometimes I don’t either. This year over Spring Break I worked as a breakfast cook in the morning, stripped rooms mid-day and laundry attendant in the afternoon. I get to push aside all the boring stuff that I usually must deal with and go have fun! I do not have to wear my fancy work clothes. I get to put on my staff t-shirt, tennis shoes and my hair is in a ponytail. I get to run around the Resort and enjoy our guests and staff. It is so much fun!

During Spring Break I try to reward our staff because I know that they are working so hard. We could not do everything that we do without them. I believe that food always helps people feel appreciated. So, I made my Mother in-law’s famous lasagna for the staff on a crazy busy day. It was a nice treat for them to not have to worry about their lunch…plus the cookies were delish! This year we were able to reward them with a bonus for their service. That really means a great deal to our owners and myself. They worked really hard to take care of our guests and I love to be able to say thank you.

After the Spring Break season is over, you can walk into the Resort and find only a few people around because so many people are off enjoying their time with their families. We ask a great deal out of our staff during this time. They work overtime, often many days in a row without a break. In turn, I try to make sure that they are taken care of with extra time off and quality pay.

We wear many hats here at the Metropolis. As I’m writing this, I’m back in my fancy clothes, reading spreadsheets and running reports. Our guests are back to work and school.

We are gearing up for summer. I think this is going to be my greatest summer yet. I am planning the best Holiday party for our staff as I had to cancel ours due to Covid. It is going to be an outdoor picnic with awesome prizes, games, food and drinks. Just another way to say thank you to our staff and to show my appreciation for all their hard work.

Hope to see you all again!