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Street Corn Deliciousness

Mariah Geisert, Marketing Director


If you don't already make corn on the cob like this STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING! This is hands down the best corn I've ever had and now there's no turning back. When summer comes, my house is a mess, I'm typically covered in dirt from the gardens, and eating corn on the cob at least twice a week. 

Last summer while camping my mother introduced me to street corn and now that is the only way we eat it. It's simple, delicious, and totally messy. I am a foody and I absolutely love sharing my favorites with you!  PS-another summer time fav of mine is racing around the outdoor Go-Karts that we are so excited about being open.

What you need: -Corn on the cob (either boil it or grill it, we typically grill it husk and all) -sour cream or crema Mexicana (i like crema) -Cotija cheese (crumble it up) -Cilantro -Chili Powder -Crushed Hot Cheetos for a little fun

What you do: Apply sour cream or crema to the corn how you would normally do butter. Sprinkle cheese (measure with your heart) and sprinkle the cilantro, chili powder, and crushed Hot Cheetos on top! Be prepared to make a mess, enjoy!