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Planting Day!

Sara Abbott, Resort General Manager


My favorite day of work was this past Monday...planting day! I am lucky enough to get to buy a ton of flowers from a local greenhouse. My favorite one is Fox’s Floral Greenhouse. I pre-ordered all our canailles, elephant ears and ferns last fall. I picked out the geraniums in 3 different pinks. Two full loads of flowers in the back of my husbands’ truck and we were ready to plant! It was a perfect 73-degree day with a nice breeze. I got my first sunburn of the year…so did a couple of my co-workers too!

I love flowers. I especially love perennials. I walk around my yard every night and look at my gardens to see what has grown or is flowering. My favorite perennial is the Bleeding Heart. I have them all over my yard. I got them from my late Mother’s garden. After she passed, I went out to my Dad’s house and dug up all her Bleeding Hearts and transplanted them at my house. Over the years I have divided them so many times and gave them out to my family and friends. It means a lot to me to have a small piece of her with the people that I love. There is even a bleeding heart at the front door of the Resort…it reminds me of her when I get to work every morning.

Flowers bring me joy. Planting was always a special time for my sister and I with our Mom. I carry on that tradition with my kids. They love to plant the pretty flowers with me. It’s our thing. At work, I love to plant with our staff. We get to talk and hang out together in the sun and make our yard and golf course spring back to life.

We are ready for summer!