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Nothing is Permanent Except Change

Sara Abbott, Resort General Manager


Father and daughter playing in aquatic playground

Change is tough. It is unknown. It is scary. Why? I don’t really know. I get comfortable. I like to know what to expect. I also understand that I am not going to know what to expect all the time and that change is inevitable. Through everything that has happened in our current Covid-19 situation, I keep hearing that line in my head, “Nothing is permanent except change.” I’ve had to take a deep breath, adjust and adapt quickly. And let me tell you, the Metropolis Resort has changed.

Our arcade is different. It is bigger and spread out so that when we can open, we will be able to provide enough space, so people are safe. Our restaurants are different. Our stores are different. The lines are different (no one is standing in them right now, but not the point).

You are really going to notice the difference around the Resort. I am proud of the work that our amazing team has put in. They have painted, reorganized, sanitized and done some major construction projects to make sure that you, our guest, is safe.

I cannot wait to welcome you back. We aren’t quite ready yet, but we are getting closer. Watch for updates from Mongo showcasing our changes. I hope you’re going to be pleased to see all the hard work that has been done.

Stay Safe, Sara Abbott General Manager