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My TV Debut

Sara Abbott, Resort General Manager


Mongo trying to put on an inner tube

Guys, I was on TV this morning. I was so nervous. I've never done a live interview like this before. I had to get up super early (because I live in Cornell, 45 minutes away from the Resort). I'm not a morning person. I'm especially not a 3:30 am person. Naturally, I couldn't fall asleep because I knew I had to wake up super early. I have a really cute 4-year old that sleeps in our bed. She likes to giggle and tell stories before bed. I also have a 12-week old whiney puppy who sleeps in a crate in my bedroom, and an old 80-pound dog who sleeps on my feet. I'm ALWAYS the last one asleep. Last night was no different.

I sprang out of bed at the last minute and out the door with the last drops of coffee creamer left and honestly, my coffee was darker than I like (I drink coffee with my cream). I was in the car at 4:30 am only to find my gas light on. I should have been planned and prepared for this early morning like a normal person, but I like to live on the edge.

Our local TV station WEAU was here and ready to shoot. Again, I was nervous! My co-worker Billy was cool as a cucumber. Nothing makes him nervous and I was sweating. We had an awesome opportunity to talk about all the sanitation practices and changes we have made at the Resort for our guests. We are opening on Friday (2 more sleeps as my daughter would say) and we just can't wait to have real customers walk through our doors. Our staff has joked about how we can't wait to talk to real people again.

Things are still a little uncomfortable right now. I want to stress to everyone that it is important to do what you are comfortable with. If you're ready to come out, we'll be here. If you're not quite ready, stay home. We'll be here down the road when you're comfortable.

Here's a clip of our segments from this morning.

Stay Safe & Healthy!

Sara Abbott Resort General Manager