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10 tips to make Mom's trip easy

Samantha Holtz, Director Of Sales


Have you ever felt like you are just a glorified chaos coordinator? That is a title that comes with great responsibility and sometimes thankless. But you know what? We do it because we love it. I truly believe that one day my kids will look back and say, " did you do all that?" I know that I think about my Mom all the time and wonder how she did it all.

That is why our most popular shirt that we sell at the resort simply says, "Chaos Coordinator." Mom's who get it, get it. At the Metropolis Resort we try to make your trip as easy as possible because we understand what it can be like to go on a family vacation. Sometimes it can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be.

Here is a list of 10 Things to make trips easy on moms at Metropolis Resort:

  1. Coffee in the lobby! What mom doesn’t enjoy free coffee in the morning?!
  2. Large luggage carts in the lobby. We practically pack the entire house up when we travel so having large luggage carts readily available at check in is a must. Send the Dad's up to the room with the luggage and the kiddos. Take a break behind with your cup of coffee.
  3. Metropolis Resort is large enough for every family member to enjoy but not too large that you have to walk miles to get to the parks.
  4. On site restaurants. No need to pack the kids back up in the car. Enjoy multiple choices right on site Chaos Waterpark features adult beverages so you can kick back while the kids swim. For breakfast, City Eats serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and has the best Bloody Mary. If a bloody isn't your thing, try a Mimosa flight featuring 4 different mimosas? Yes please! The kids menu makes it so easy to sit back and enjoy your meal knowing that they kids have something they will like too!
  5. Life jackets & swim diapers available and free to use. It’s wonderful to not have to worry about packing those along.
  6. Kiosks located in Action City. This is helpful so we don’t have to wait in lines when we already have our cards, and the kiddos just need more money added on
  7. Cute apparel for sale throughout the resort. I’m a sucker for a new cute mom shirt!
  8. Dairy queen on site. We always get dessert when we go on vacation!
  9. Renting cabanas/party rooms at a reasonably price. It’s nice for grandma and grandpa to have a guaranteed spot to hang out and watch the kiddos at.
  10. The Adult Zone in Action City is a quiet location for adults only. You can sit on a comfy couch where you can hang out while reading or working or just watching some Mom TikToks!

From a fellow Mom to you...go grab yourself a Chaos Coordinator shirt from the lobby and wear it proud!!

Enjoy these years with the kids. They go fast!