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It’s time for our family vacation!!!

Sara Abbott, Resort General Manager


It’s time for our family vacation!!! Each year we rent condo on the beach in Florida. It is a very simple trip. We book a nonstop flight, Uber to our condo and just hang out all week on the beach. Our kids absolutely love swimming in both the pool and the ocean. They alternate between the two and the parents just follow along.

Last year we had to cancel our trip. We had credits with the airline and the condo since we had already paid for everything. There will be restrictions, but we are prepared to deal with them. I’ve packed extra masks for everyone in our family, hand sanitizer, and sunscreen! We are ready.

One of the best parts of vacation is the anticipation. We have a count down on the refrigerator, there is luggage and swimsuits strewn all over my house right now. We are getting the dogs and cat ready for their trip to the “hotel.” Grady (12) has been working on his homework. He has a book report due when we get back. He has been procrastinating reading the book for a month. I have found him in his room reading as fast as possible because I’ve threatened him that if he isn’t done, he’ll have to stay home with Grandpa. Packages are being delivered with the necessities (which really aren’t necessary but don’t tell my husband). Grandma Lori has matching dresses for her and the girls…they are going to love it!

My Goddaughter, Bralee (13) bought a new volleyball for the trip. Last time we went, we thought we could just buy a volleyball while we were there and all we could find was a soccer ball. In case you’re wondering, a soccer ball is VERY HARD and it does not work to play volleyball with. We learned that lesson the hard way. This year, she is prepared!

Shelling is one of our favorite things to do. We walk up and down at the slowest pace and pick up as many shells as we can find. Two years ago when my daughter Emma was only 3 we were walking the beach and she took off running and found the biggest shell of the year. She was so proud of herself! We cheered and clapped our hands. She still has that shell and it sits on her shelf in her bedroom like a trophy. This year we are taking a ferry out to “shell island” where we hope to find our best shells yet! Emma plans to bring home a shell for every student in her class and her teachers. She’s so thoughtful!

The memories made on a family trip are priceless no matter where you’re going. Take the time to get away with your kids and extended family. You won’t regret it!

Cheers to sunshine, good food and memories made!