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Home Made Bird Seed Ornaments Penny

Mariah Geisert, Marketing Director


Pinecone ornaments

Tree Ornament Tree Penny Penny Ornament While there isn’t much to do on days off since we shouldn’t be out and about our creative sides have had to come out… I spend a lot of time at home with my dog and think about what she does while my boyfriend and I are at work. How silly right? I’m sad she isn’t entertained and is just waiting for one of us to get home. I guess that’s what I think about since I don’t have children, I think about my fur baby. So, to entertain her while I’m gone, I bought her a bird feeder. A BIRD FEEDER FOR MY DOG so she wouldn’t be bored!? So goofy. And here I am making bird seed ornaments to hang on my outdoor trees. I honestly think they entertain me more than my dog because I find myself googling what type of birds are coming around while I sip my morning coffee. Anyways… This is such an easy project for you and your family (just make sure to hang them high enough so your pups can’t get them)

(Pinecones, Peanut butter, Bird seeds, Wire needed)

Wire the pinecones like an ornament, warm up some peanut butter, dip the pinecones in the peanut butter and sprinkle bird seed on and done!

Happy Holidays! Mariah-Marketing Coordinator