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Happy Anniversary

Billy Bandli, Action City General Manager


It is crazy to me how 5 years can feel so short, and so long all at the same time. On July 1st, Anne and I are celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary. Sometimes it’s fun to draw some comparisons between then and now.

When we got married we had just bought a house and brought home our puppy, Ophelia. On our wedding day we celebrated with family and friends in the Skybox. No – I didn’t get married at work, but man did we have a good time at the reception! The food was awesome, the bar was busy, and the dance floor was PACKED! We had family and friends that came from as far as Washington D.C., Colorado, Arizona, and California. Metropolis was hosting our wedding reception, and unintentionally a full weekend of family reunions as well!

Jump forward 5 years and life is way different. Sure, I still work at Metropolis but Anne and I have expanded the family from just Ophelia to now include Henry, our son who will be two in August, and Cleo and Spud, our cats. I’m finding that I spend a lot more of my days off at work because Henry LOVES anything to do with water. “Swim” and “Slides” were a couple of his first words even, right behind “Mama” that is.

Then you compare our 5 years of marriage to the couple that just celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary with us at the Resort! Still happy as ever with their kids, grandkids, great grandkids, and even great great grandkids in attendance. Imagine how much changed in that amount of time!

Writing this is serving as a good reminder that it’s important to look back and see just how far you’ve come in 5 or 70 years, and thank the friends and family that helped you get to where you’re at. It’s also a good reminder that I had better make dinner reservations and maybe get some flowers ordered!