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Dads are Cool

Sara Abbott, Resort General Manager


Father drying off daughters hair.

Father's Day is this weekend. Every year this weekend is about fishing, grilling and chilling. The Dad's in my family don't want us to make a big deal about Father's Day, but we all know they love the attention. My Dad loves it when the kids jump on him and tell him they love him. He loves to open the gifts that they made for him. He loves to play with the new gadgets that the kids picked out for him. My son, Grady, always picks out Gramps' Father's Day gift because Gramps always says, "this would be a nice Father's Day gift." That way he doesn't actually ask for something and he gets what he wants.

It's funny how the Dad's of my friends while growing up are still important to us. Just this weekend when I was washing my camper, I had to call my old friends and tell them I've turned in to Brandi's Dad, Robin. He always used to wash the camper before every trip. We always thought it was so silly, we even caught it doing it in the rain a time or two. Turns out, he was a smart guy. My camper looked great once it was all shinned up!

I remember when my friend Charesse's Dad, John, came home. He must have been Jammin to Right Said Fred in the car on the way home. He sang the song, "I'm too Sexy" start to finish with some wild dance moves. Charesse was mortified as any middle school girl would have been and we laughed for hours! Frankly, any time I hear that song I think of her Dad and giggle to myself. Whenever we get together, that song always seems to get played on the jukebox!

My Dad was famous for being a "picture taking fool." When we were sleeping he would go around and take pictures of our hair all messed up and he always threatened to show them to our future husbands. He still has these pictures in a bright orange Nike box in the basement, "just in case" he might need them someday.

Dad's are cool. They shape us into who we are. I remember a time when they seemed so mean. Now, I don't blame any Dad for the rules they had.

Dad's love to spend the day with the kiddos. When they come into Action City or Chaos, they get to swim, jump, or play for free as our gift to them. Skip the lame tie this year. Get out this weekend and take Dad on the go-karts or for a quick round of mini-golf.