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Can You Believe it's Been a Year

Mariah Geisert, Marketing Director


Can you believe it has been a year? One year ago, Wisconsin shut down all non-essential businesses and it still doesn’t feel real sometimes. This year has felt like the longest but shortest year of all time. I saw a post the other day that said “it is still March 2020” And I get that. It totally feels like “wait is it March? January? November?” Who’s to say anymore. Last year it felt like we would maybe do this thing for a month or so… before we knew it, many of us were out of jobs and worried about how we were going to pay our bills.

The past year has definitely been hard. But I cannot help but smile at the end of the day. I cannot believe how resilient I really am as well as this company and my coworkers. Frankly, we have been through the mud between shutting down to pushing through the summer working on updating the hotel to “okay, how do we make people feel safe again?” Let me say, I am SO PROUD of how strong we have all been through this life changing year. I believe it has changed us in the best way possible because we stuck by each other, cared for each other, and our guests. We are coming out the other end strong because we have accepted the change and let it make us better for it. On that note. I am off to get my vaccine today!

Oh and Happy St Patty’s Day, have a beautiful day. Mariah