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Be the Person your Dog Thinks You Are

Sara Abbott, Resort General Manager


Black dog in Metropolis Resort lobby.

Dogs bring so much happiness! Our dog Buddy has been at the Resort so much that nearly the whole staff knows him. He was featured in a photoshoot awhile ago. Let me tell you, he was a true superstar as you can see above! We are dog friendly so we wanted to get some good pictures of dogs hanging out at the Resort. Buddy fit the bill, so he got the paid in bacon so he smiled his best smile!

My family has been begging for a puppy for 6 months and I simply said, "NO WAY!" Puppies are a ton of work and we aren't home enough to be able to train.

Well, here we are #saferathome. My excuse no longer works and I gave in. We found the sweetest little Irish Setter. He was only 5 weeks old which meant that we had 3 weeks to plan and prepare. Having something to look forward to was really good for my family. We were scheduled to go on vacation to Florida for a week of fun on the beach, that got canceled. We had to tickets to a show, that got canceled. School is canceled. My niece & nephew were planning a trip to visit us, that got canceled. My kids miss their friends and family. We needed something to look forward to and Skipper was it!

Little Girl Holding a brown puppy.

We watched YouTube videos about how to train a puppy. We ordered a bed, treats, a custom engraved collar with his name on it, toys, and more toys to spoil him. We felt like we were ready!

Then we picked him up and let me tell you, we were NOT ready! Puppies have a lot of energy! They need a lot of attention! They chew a lot! They go potty a lot! And they bring a lot of joy! We have really enjoyed Skipper. Our dog, Buddy, and cat, Polly wouldn't agree. They are annoyed with him but we are hoping they will get used to him, if not they will just have to live somehow in harmony, lol.

The Metropolis Resort is dog friendly because we understand that your dog is your family. We have had big dogs, little dogs and everything in between and wouldn't have it any other way!

We need some more happiness and what makes people happier than pictures of dogs? Nothing!

Enjoy some photos of our staff with their puppies!