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5 Reasons why Metropolis Gift Cards are the perfect gift for Grandkids


Let's face it. Grand kids are hard to buy for. Everything that you think they’ll love, then don’t. Everything they want, you don’t have a clue what it even is. If you can get those kids to spend time with you AND have a smile on their face, you’ve done your job.

1. Free Money Every year the Metropolis Resort offers a gift card deal. Generally, when you spend a certain amount of money on the gift card, they give you some free. The amounts seem to change each year, but they always do it. Get on their email list and watch for the deal before Black Friday which generally seems to be when you can get the most free money.

2. You Pick one time. All you must do is pick one date and the place. Every year you run out of ideas of what to get and you must remember if you’ve already given that gift already. This way you tell them where and when to be there and they show up!

3. Privacy but still together Simply get each family their own room. They can stay up as late as they want or get up as early as they want without bothering the rest of the family. There is free coffee in the lobby with cozy couches for the early risers to enjoy the mornings. The Pub is open late and serves drinks for those who aren’t quite ready to go to bed as early as some of the others. If you ask, they can usually upgrade the grand parents to a big family suite for the same cost. This gives you a great place to be able to have the entire family together for meals and hanging out.

4. No Mess at Your House You don’t have to clean your house in advance and you certainly don’t have to clean up after all of them. Enough said!

5. Memories THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT. The entire family will prefer this gift over anything you have ever given them in the past. A time for everyone to get together and laugh. Talk about the old times. A chance to watch the other kiddos grow up. Really get to know the family. Truly the best gift a Grand Parent can give to kids.