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Posted: August 18, 2019 5 Tips for Planning a Family Reunion

There are a lot of moving parts to consider when planning a family reunion.  You have everyone from babies up to Grandparents who lived through the Great Depression.  This means there is plenty to consider when planning an event to get everyone together.  I put together a nice list of 5 things that everyone should do when planning their family reunion.

1. Just pick the date.  If you give out too many options, you'll never be able to pick a date because everyone has a full calendar.  If you have a reunion every year or every other year or whatever it is, always pick the same date.  For example, my family reunion is every other year, the 3rd weekend in June.  This way, we always know when it is going to be and everyone automatically blocks off the weekend.  We have the reunion rain or shine.  It is planned inside, with plenty to do outside so the weather isn't a great factor.  Which takes me to #2.

2. Don't let the weather be a factor.  How you ask?  Simple, plan the event at a venue that is indoors with outdoor fun.  At the Metropolis Resort, there is plenty to do indoors that you'll never get bored.  PLUS, we have outdoor activities, a beautiful pavilion for meals, Lowe's Creek Trail for hiking or biking and a back yard for with a fire pit and yard games.

3. Be budget conscious. Not everyone in your extended family is at the same point in their lives. Some people may be able to travel on luxurious vacations and others may never get to take a vacation. Plan the reunion so that both sides of the spectrum can come and be comfortable. Metropolis Resort has multiple different room types.  There are standard rooms with one king bed up to family suites that can sleep 8 people with multiple bedrooms.  You will also find the Locker Room that can hold up to 20 people. This makes it super affordable for people who wouldn't mind sharing a room. You'll also find the option to camp adjacent to Lowe's Creek right across the road from the Metropolis. This is a great option for a family reunion.  With all these options, you should be able to find something for everyone in your family to afford and be comfortable.

4. Pick a theme.  For different meals, a great theme helps people decide what to bring.  Say, for example, you're having a pot luck with a Mexican theme. Your family is going to pick their favorite dish to pass and it will be super easy for them to decide what to bring. Build your own taco bar is always a favorite in my family.  The people who don't cook can easily grab a bag of shredded lettuce and some cheese. The people who love to cook, bring shredded barbacoa or churros...it really is a win/win!

5. Plan activities. Kids and adults alike love to be entertained. Ask the fun people (you know the guy who acts more like a kid than an adult) in your group to organize the activities.  Nothing is better than the look on your Uncle's face when he gets hit with ice cold water by a little 3-year-old...he wants to be mad, but can't.  If squirt guns aren't your thing, go with family style Olympics where each family competes for a sweet trophy and bragging rights. 

Family reunions really are a great opportunity for everyone to get together, talk about the old days and make some new memories.  Make it a trip that EVERYONE looks forward to!

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