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Posted: June 18, 2019 7 Ways to save on your next Metropolis Trip

Family vacations can take a lot of planning and preparation. Sometimes they don’t. Personally, I love it when it takes very little effort on my part to make my family happy. This is what I love about vacationing at the Metropolis Resort.

They. Have. Everything.

We never have to leave! My family gets to just enjoy each other. We’ve had such a blast and have created some wonderful memories here. But family vacations can add up. Here are some tips that I’ve used that can help you stay within your fun budget.

1) Timing is everything.
When everyone else is zigging, you can generally save big by zagging. Off-peak times tend to be cheaper. Checking into the hotel on a Sunday or mid-week can save you money. Especially throughout October and November. I know—that’s when the kids are in school. But that means everyone else’s kids are in school, so it’s less crowded. In terms of a quality experience, its more bang for your buck. Just don’t forget to check the waterpark hours.

2) Buy the combo packages
Package deals for the fun center & trampoline park are worth it. Especially for hotel guests. Not only are the prices for the parks better for guests, but you can come and go throughout the day as you please.

3) Share space with family and friends
Find friends or family to come along for the ride. My family of six has shared Metropolis’ largest hotel room with a few friends and their kids. We split the cost of the room 3 ways. Super helpful. And let me tell you: this was so much fun. This room not only sleeps 20, but it also has free air hockey & video games right in the room.

4) Go online
They regularly have online exclusive pricing for park passes. Good for day trips.

5) Not so junky junk mail
Register your email address with them. Who wants more advertisements in their inbox you ask? Frugal people... that’s who. They send offers and information about flash sales all the time. It is good to know when sales are happening, ammiright?

6) Buy the Souvenir Mugs
Buying souvenirs to save you money sounds counterintuitive, I know. But the souvenir mugs include all you can drink soda for your entire stay. This way you can stop your money from disappearing into vending machines.

7) Bring stuff from home
Pack food to keep in your room rather than relying on restaurants to feed everyone. Also, if you are going to the trampoline park, bring your own grip socks and water bottle if you have them.

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