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100 Things to Do at Metropolis Resort


100 Super Fun Things to do at Metropolis Resort

There’s no shortage of fun to be had at Metropolis Hotel, Action City, and Chaos Waterpark. But in case you’re looking to plan your trip to maximize your fun, want some ideas of what to expect, or just want a fresh take on one of your family’s favorite places to play - we’ve compiled a list of 100 Super Fun Things To Do At Metropolis Resort!

From tasty treats to hidden gems, fun twists on your favorite activities, and even a tip or two for making the most of your room, this list has you covered. We can’t wait to see you on your next trip to Metropolis Resort - CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW!

Getting started!

100 Super Fun Things To Do At Metropolis Resort

  1. Curl up by the fireplace for some “mom and dad” time in one of our suites.

  2. Enjoy a ride down our wild twisting turning water slide

  3. Let your little kids feel like a big kid on the smaller kiddie pool slides

  4. Bring a book and catch up on your reading in front of the fireplace in your room

  5. Tell spooky stories around the fire pit with your kids

  6. Hire a photographer for a boudoir shoot in one of our gorgeous suites

  7. Hang out with 19 of your best pals in the locker room

  8. Pour yourself a hot cup of coffee and take your pup for a walk around the playground in the morning

  9. Curl up for a nap or a great night's sleep in one of our super comfy beds

  10. Try to do the zip line with your eyes closed

  11. Cool off with an Orange Julius or Blizzard

  12. Get your school signed up for the School Rewards Program to encourage kids to move more and live healthier.

  13. Have an unforgettable birthday bash in a themed room

  14. Try and win a stuffed animal from a claw machine

  15. Challenge your fam to a game of basketball Connect 4

  16. Go as crazy as Virtual Rabbids!

  17. Throwback with Pong and Pac Man

  18. Enjoy a luxurious shower in the double walk in with 6 shower heads in the magnolia suite

  19. Take the bucket challenge and see if you and your friends can stand still during the big wave from our giant water bucket

  20. Get completely immersed in one of our many virtual reality games!

  21. See how high you can bounce on the trampolines

  22. Play at the water tables in the kiddie pool with your toddler

  23. Relax in a lounge chair while the kids swim off all that energy

  24. Have a semi-private cabana party by the pool

  25. Have a gladiator style battle with a friend on the balance beam

  26. Take on the giant 30 inch Gorilla Pizza from Monkey in the Middle!

  27. Show off your arm muscles on the gymnast rings

  28. Climb around and burn off energy on the indoor playground

  29. Race down the side by side water slides with your friends

  30. Play a private retro video game in the locker room suite

  31. Buy a new pair of swim trunks or swimsuit in the Chaos gift shop

  32. Indulge in 3 delicious dipping sauces with an order of pizza fries by the pool

  33. Relax and watch a tv show or movie in your room on one of our large TVs

  34. Check out the witty signs and funny quips posted all around Chaos - they’ll crack up the whole family!

  35. Show off your skills in the stunt jump area

  36. Win some bling in the Bling King

  37. Have a blast swinging the rope swing

  38. Play a game of slam dunk basketball on the trampolines

  39. Host your wedding reception, business meeting, state rate conference, family reunion, or any other type of event in one of our many event and meeting spaces.

  40. Munch on some nachos to replenish your energy

  41. Save money with our packages and bundles!

  42. Race people from all over the country on Dead Heat

  43. Go old school with some Skee Ball

  44. Play Marco Polo in the swimming pool

  45. Take a seat on the throne and see who’s the Stinky Feet champion

  46. Mix your own flavor combination at the snow cone station in Chaos

  47. Pretend you're at a carnival with Down the Clown or Milk Jugs toss

  48. Put up the bumpers and see who can get the lowest score on bowling

  49. Get wild on the bumper cars

  50. Challenge your family to a game of pool basketball

  51. Take a relaxing ride around the lazy river

  52. Grab a tube and take a ride down our indoor/outdoor water slide

  53. Grab some breakfast at The Pub and take it to your room for a little breakfast in bed

  54. Get some great photos and selfies with our gorgeous décor and natural light in our incredible suites

  55. Take down some dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park game

  56. Relax into a private whirlpool bath in your room

  57. Play a game of air hockey in the locker room suite

  58. Test your strength and timing with Whack n Win

  59. Travel the world and take photos in the green screen photo booth

  60. See who is the dirtiest driver with Dirty Drivin’

  61. Indulge in some cotton candy

  62. Take on zombies in the Walking Dead simulator

  63. Relax in the hot tub with your spouse while the kids play

  64. See who has the stronger punch with Spider Box

  65. Enjoy happy hour at the bar on Fridays 4 pm to 7 pm, Saturdays 1 pm to 5 pm, and Sundays 8 am to 11 pm.

  66. Enjoy a relaxing massage in the massage chairs

  67. Test your driving skills at the indoor or outdoor go karts

  68. Grab a quick snack from the hotel lobby on the way to your room

  69. Declare a mini golf champ after a challenging round on the outdoor course

  70. Indulge in a giant specialty pizza from Monkey in the Middle between arcade game matches

  71. Take in the view from atop the zip line (try not to freak out)

  72. Grab a coffee and relax on a bench while your kids play on the outdoor playground

  73. Create your own Pucker Powder candy art

  74. Trade in your tickets for a new stuffed animal

  75. Do a flip on the trampoline

  76. Test your skills on the Ninja Warrior Course

  77. Challenge your family to see who’s the craftiest and fastest in the laser maze

  78. Create a triathlon by picking three games and seeing who scores the highest between the three

  79. Hang like a monkey on the rings in the skills course

  80. Test your balance on the floating lily pads at Chaos

  81. Float with a friend in a double tube on lazy river

  82. See if you can climb all the way to the top of the knotted ropes

  83. Play a game of trampoline dodgeball

  84. Test your balance on the tightrope.

  85. Get a fun strip of photos with Fun Stop photos

  86. Wade in the kiddie pool and cool off after a busy day at Action City

  87. Cannonball into the bag jumps

  88. Enjoy delicious omelets, pancakes, French toast, and orange juice at The Pub before heading out into the parks.

  89. See if you can make it over the top of the rope climbing nets

  90. Play tag on the indoor playground

  91. Have a laugh and share some quality time with your friends and family around the fire

  92. Play foosball in your locker room suite

  93. Challenge a friend to a game of air hockey

  94. Snap a speed shot of your kids racing the gas powered go karts on the outside track

  95. Grab a mouthwatering burger from The Pub for dinner!

  96. Have some fun with the water cannons at Chaos Waterpark

  97. Test your tastebuds with The Scorcher pizza!

  98. See if you can keep your balance all the way across the twisting ladder

  99. Trade in your Action City tickets for Metropolis merchandise to remember all the fun you had!

  100. Take pictures and share them with Metropolis Resort and Action City to show us how much fun you had!