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Tower Tag Virtual Reality

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Tower Tag, the global esports phenomenon where teams battle each other in epic laser tag VR has joined the HOLOGATE family.

In Tower Tag you will find one of the most anticipated multiplayer experiences in the world, and for those of you longing for a true esports game for your HOLOGATE, look no further. TOWER TAG is drawing thousands of spectators into arenas to watch competitive tournaments featuring the world's best players.

Tower Tag is a perfect match for the HOLOGATE ARENA.

With its intuitive movement and combat, Tower Tag is easy to pick up, yet hard to master. Using their blasters to conquer towers, players can then move between towers and use the towers for cover. As they move from tower to tower players can earn points by completing specific objectives. In the Deathmatch game mode, players compete as a team to take out the enemy players to earn points.

In the Elimination game mode, every single elimination scores a point for your team. The team with the highest score at the end of the match, wins!

In the Goal Tower game mode, the enemy team’s Goal Tower must be conquered to earn points.

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