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New Renovations to Chaos Water Park

New Updates to our water park include the following:

*UV (Ultraviolet light) Filtration System

This system eliminates all bacteria that passes through our filters, including the highly publicized and scary Crypto virus. It also reduces the use of chlorine usage, amount of by products in the water and greatly reduces the amount of chloramines in the air.

In the two months since we first installed our UV Filtration System, we are proud to announce that the air quality, temperature and chemical levels have been spot on and have been complemented by a reduction in humidity of 40%. 

*Upgrade to HVAC System

We have repaired the efficiency and direction of the air flow through the HVAC unit.  Our system is a direct fired gas burner system which exhausts 100% of the return air from the Waterpark and vents it to the outside environment. 100% of clean outside air is drawn into the unit by the supply air fans, pre-heated by the exiting exhaust air, and then moved across the direct fire gas burner into the Waterpark. 

*New Paint and Coverings for all Fixtures

  • Repainted all pools and handrails on the stairs.
  • Repainted & themed all features, showers and birthday party rooms.
  • Resurfaced the slide tower and stairs.

*Installed new lockers in both the general area and the changing rooms